In addition to our quality range of products we offer a number of services to keep your computer up and running.

Data Transfer

When buying a new computer system or laptop we are able to transfer all your files from your old computer to your new one. This includes your documents, music, pictures and videos. We will also import your email, contacts, calendar and email accounts back into your email program for you.


We can upgrade your sluggish desktop or laptop computer to help it cope better with the latest applications and games. Common upgrades include installing more Memory, a bigger Hard Drive or a more powerful Graphics card. Simply bring your computer system into our shop and have our expert workshop access what can be done.

Workshop Repairs

Our workshop is fully equipped to repair all manner of hardware and software related issues. If you’re having issues with a software package, your Windows installation, or if your computer simply won’t turn on, bring it into our workshop for a complete assessment.

We work on fixed rates and won’t spend your money without informing you first so there are no nasty surprises. Most repairs can generally be carried out within a few days of you bringing your computer in. A priority service is also available at an hourly rate.

On-Site Repairs

If you are unable to bring your computer into our workshop for whatever reason or you have an internet or network related issue we can send one of our skilled technicians out to your location instead.

On site jobs are charged at competitive hourly rates and, depending on how critical the issue is, we can generally have someone out to your location within hours of your call.

Virus Protection & Removal

Viruses and Spyware are all too common in the age of the internet and whilst your Antivirus package should help stop most issues some cunning infections can still slip past this defence and get into your computer. With the help of a number of specialised tools we are able to remove most infections from your computer and help prevent them from reoccurring.

If your Antivirus package is nearing its expiry date, don’t get scammed into extending your subscription online and getting stuck with last years model. Come and see us to find out which is the latest and greatest protection for your computer at the moment.

Internet Access

Sorry, since the introduction of NBN we are no longer backing, supporting or recommending any particular ISP - Internet Service Provider.  With perhaps the exception of Aussie Broadband as they appear to be the only company with an Australian based call centre.  Australian jobs are important.

We were recommending Harbour ISP but we can no longer do this.

What we do recommend is that you vote with your wallet and if you are in the clutches of Tel$tra - the most expensive and (according to the TIO) most complained about ISP, move to someone that can offer you some service and value for your money.